Sisters Penny Lee Stenberg and Connie Day



Sisters Penny Lee Stenberg and Connie Day were singing together for audiences before they started school.

SISTERS released their debut album "Night & Day" in 2001 garnering 4 Saskatchewan Country Music Nominations: Album of the Year, Most Promising Entertainers and Vocal Collaboration in 2001, and Group of the Year in 2002. Four singles from the album received the attention of country radio audiences across the province, Canada and hit international playlists for several months. Past appearances include CJWW radio show "Made in Canada" with Jay Richards, CJVR radio show "Coast to Coast" with Dave Baker, Country 100 radio show "Saskatchewan Showcase" with Jim Strom, CTV News at Noon show "Entertainment Reel" with Jeff Rogstad, CTV News at Noon show "Around Town" with Don Mitchell, and live interviews with Cal Gratton (CJVC) and Bonita Penner (CKBI).

SISTERS have opened for Canadian artists Carol Baker and Brad Johner and performed at the following festivals: Wood Mountain Stomp, Weyburn Cancer Jam, Sandy Creek Gospel Festival, and Founder's Day Festival in Prince Albert and The Fringe in Swift Current.

SISTERS just released their second album "Reride". The 10 original songs express attitudes of strength and determination and tell stories of faith and the love of family & friends to overcome life's many challenges. Some titles include Cowgirl Up!, Redneck Woodstock, Triple Threat, That's the Way it Is, Choices and I Could Tear Your Clothes Off With My Teeth.

There is also a spiritual element to the SISTERS and they openly share their faith and perform songs of God's love, forgiveness and grace. A gospel album of their original songs is planned for future release.

The SISTERS have performed at countless rodeo cabarets, community events and fundraisers and continue to be active members of the Southwest Chapter in the Saskatchewan Country Music Association. Community support has always been important to the sisters both on and off stage; Raising 5 boys up through 4H, minor hockey and High School Rodeo has proved witness to that.

One program that holds a special place in the hearts of the SISTERS is the "Build a Cowboy" High School Rodeo event. After the loss of Connie's oldest son Dallas in 2011, memorial donations poured in to support the development of this 'additional event' at high school rodeos in Saskatchewan. The "Build a Cowboy" event, established in Alberta 5 years ago, offers rodeo equipment on loan, and provides less challenging riding stock to inexperienced athletes so that they can try the sport of rodeo before having to incur equipment costs and ride more challenging animals. Both women continue to live on cattle ranches and their families are very active in the sport of rodeo. Dallas had a dream of becoming a rodeo stock contractor someday and his family is committed to realizing that dream for him. It seems a natural program to support with some of the proceeds of "Reride". Confidence, perseverance and the love of country music will see this duo involved in the music industry for years to come. They believe there is always room for one more song and one more artist.

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